Remote stopped working after replacing or disconnecting the Car Battery

Did you replace your car battery or was it disconnected for many hours?

Disconnected or dead car battery can often
erase your alarm system’s memory

A keyless entry system has a small backup battery usually.  The battery’s only purpose is to give the system enough power to retain the memory of the existing remote’s codes.  Once that internal battery is dead, if the car’s battery dies, the systems stored memory will fail and the car will stop responding to the remote when your car battery is charged or replaced.

Disconnected or dead car battery can sometimes erase your alarm system’s memory, so reprogramming the car remote would be necessary. If you have a Factory alarm system, you can refer to your remote’s manual and perform the programming steps. Same thing should be done with the Aftermarket alarm systems but most aftermarket receivers has valet switch or button which turns the programming mode ON.

Car Alarm Example of Valet Switch

Sometimes when alarm shops installs an aftermarket system with a valet switch or button they don’t mount the switch or they don’t hook it up completely. What you will need to do is to look for the Aftermarket system installed in your vehicle. The receiver can be typically found under the dash near the pedals or could also be anywhere in the vehicle.

If you can’t figure it out yourself, a local automotive locksmith can help you with factory remotes and a local car alarm shop can help with aftermarket remotes.  Alternatively, you can buy another remote from us and get free tech support for it and your existing remotes.

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