Finding a replacement remote for KARR 4040a

This is a popular alarm upgrade module often found on vehicles from the west coast.  This is just an add-on system to the keyless entry already present in your vehicle.  It does not have any remotes of it’s own.  It simply arms when your keyless entry system locks, and disarms when the system unlocks.  The system in your vehicle the Karr 4040a uses can either be the factory keyless entry system or an aftermarket keyless entry system.

You found this article because you are looking for a remote for this system, right?  The next step is to determine if you should use the factory remote for your vehicle’s year and model or some kind of aftermarket remote.

First locate the Factory Keyless Entry Verification Procedure for your vehicle.  If the test result is positive then order your vehicle’s factory keyless entry remote.  If your result is negative then look for an aftermarket keyless entry system under your dash.  Use it’s brand and model number to locate the proper aftermarket remote.

Here is a link to the manual for KARR 4040a.


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