Programming a New Keyless Entry Remote for your Vehicle

New Automotive Remotes Programming Facts

Programming Questions

Some consumers are actually not aware that remotes requires programming in order for it to work. New Remotes for your Factory Keyless Entry or Aftermarket Alarm System won’t work with your vehicle just like that right after you took it out of it’s packaging. If it were to work that way, anybody could purchase the same remote and control your car or truck. These remotes are only supposed to be synchronized to your vehicle’s system and nothing else to avoid unwanted scenarios like, getting your vehicle robbed or accessed by anybody without your permission. And that is why programming is a MUST that is designed into the system.

Programming the remote has several steps to be performed which involves:

1. Inserting the key in the ignition. This step typically tells your car’s system that an authorized person is trying to program a new remote and to give the system electrical power.

Tech Support

2. Putting the system in programming mode. For vehicles that are on board programmable, there are certain things that a user must do or perform which they don’t normally do when they’re using their vehicles on a daily basis. Like, pressing the valet button or switch multiple times or turning the key on and off in the ignition a couple of times or more. But for vehicles that are NOT on board programmable, requires a Locksmith or a Technician equipped with Scan Tools which they connect to the vehicles system to get a new remote programmed.

3. Pressing buttons or a button on the remote while the system is in programming mode. By doing this, the system will be able to understand the remote’s code and save it in it’s memory. There are systems that automatically deletes all of the saved remote codes in it’s memory once it successfully entered programming mode or a new remote has been programmed. So if your system works that way, make sure to reprogram the old ones that are still working if you wish to keep on using them.

4. Taking the key out of the ignition or simply turning it to the OFF position. This is what usually is done when turning off the programming mode for a system.

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