[Remote of the Day] Code Alarm CATX510 (FCC ID: ELVATCG)

The FCC ID is ELVATCG and the code alarm part number is CATX510.  

CATX510 replacement transmitter

It works on these Code Alarm systems: CA510 and CA510A.
In order to complete the programming of new remotes, it helps to have a valet switch installed with the system.  If not it is still possible but you’ll need to access the receiver under the dash.  Here is an article addressing programming without a valet switch.
If you already ordered a remote elsewhere and it didn’t come with instructions you can get them here.
Changing the Remote Control Battery
The 12-volt alkaline battery supplied in your remote transmitter should last approximately one year, depending on usage. When the battery begins to weaken, you will notice a decrease in range, or the distance from your vehicle that your remote transmitter will operate. Follow the instructions below to change the remote transmitter battery.
1.Insert the edge of a coin into the slot at the side of the remote control. Twist the coin to pry the remote control halves apart.
2.Remove the old battery and replace with a new one.Be sure to observe the (+) and (-) signs in the battery compartment.
3.Carefully snap the case halves back together, then test the remote control.

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