Will locksmiths be able to make a new key from a lock?

Cutting a key using a code is the easiest way for a locksmith to make a key from a lock. However, this would not mean that it’s a feasible solution for every type of lock. A key code is a set of characters that is used to make a key for a specific lock. There are primarily two types of key codes that are used in making keys and these are the blind code and bitting code.

This process doesn’t work all the time since locksmiths may not have the access to the key code, especially if the original key is not present. You will often find that the bitting code is not written on the lock, but access to the lock still provides you with a better way of tracking the bitting code down.

There are a lot of licensed locksmiths that carry these codes. But some locks usually have their key codes stamped into the lock body which makes the whole process faster and easier for the locksmith to make the key. Once they have the code, they will enter it to the key cutting machine’s operating system and will take care of the rest.

There are multiple code cutters that can be used, but each of them works in way that allows keys to be cut to the general standards of key specifications that are used within the locksmith industry. The important part of the process involves properly inserting the key blank into the cutter, and also ensuring that the correct code cutter blade is being used. In order to determine which blade to use, locksmiths measure the cut to cut dimensions necessary for the lock.

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