What is a shaved key?

Shaved keys are Burglar Tools, plain and simple. Professionals have thought of clever ways to open a vehicle, but the use of shaved keys is one technique stands above the rest because it’s the most inexpensive way to go, and can be effective on a wide variety of vehicles.

Shaved keys have been around for decades, but remains as one of the most popular ways to operate a car. In the past, most keys were ground on the ridges, making them fit well into a vehicle’s ignition. This type of key is also just as effective for any car thief, and can be used in stealing vehicles.

Shaved keys are known by other names as well, such as “master keys” or “jigglers.” They work by fitting into the vehicle’s ignition and fooling the ignition system into believing it’s the original key. The same key can be used on hundreds of cars before wearing out.

Certain types of vehicles that shaved keys can open more often than others. For example, Toyota, Honda and Saturn vehicles between the model years of 1980 and 2000 are the most common ones. These earlier model cars and trucks used very similar ignition systems, making them easily defeated with the use of a shaved key.

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