What are these Proximity Factory Car Remotes?

Smart key remote

There are many different types of proximity remotes used on vehicles with factory installed systems. RemotesAndKeys refers to all of them by their commonly used names, like “Fobiks” or “Smart Keys”. These remotes have some transponder in it that activates when it’s close to the vehicle. In many vehicles, such as Volkswagen includes a proximity feature that enables the user with their remotes to enter the vehicle without pressing any button on the remote. If the remote is near the vehicle any slight pressure on the door handle unlocks the car door.

Many people don’t realize that their proximity keys contain an emergency key blade within the remote that may be used to open, close, and start your car. This back-up option is necessary in the event that the battery Smart key becomes depleted. Some vehicle can be started by the use of a transponder chip inside the Smart key that does not need batteries to work.

There are some vehicles with seat memory systems, which automatically adjust seats based on which remote is near the driver door when the vehicle is unlocked. The most common feature of a smart key remote, is to enable push-button ignition this fires up the ignition of your vehicle by simply pressing a button on the dash without inserting an actual key to the ignition And another feature of the smart key remote is to activate heat or AC when the vehicle is cold or hot, and window defrosters under certain weather conditions.

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