What are the things you need to remember before contacting a Locksmith or a Dealer?

Contacting an automotive locksmith or a dealer when in emergencies like lost keys, lost remotes, key jammed in the ignition, etc. are the most common thing that car and truck owners would do. Automotive locksmiths can come to you which is convenient and towing your vehicle to the dealership is quite of a hustle but still depends on your preference.

Here are the few points you need to remember in order to help you save some time and money regardless of which option you choose:

?First, always ask for a quote. Describe your problem in details and mention everything you know to the automotive locksmith, even if you don’t consider those details relevant since this may make the whole process faster and cost-effective. Also, give them your exact location to prevent long waiting period.

?If you lost your keys, mention if the ignition was previously changed, since they might be making you an original key which would not fit to your ignition.

?Most vehicles today are equipped with chips or transponder, so make sure you mention the exact year, make and model and ask if the locksmiths have the necessary tools to program the key in their truck. Not all locksmiths have the right tools for the job.

And lastly, take note of the VIN since the locksmith may need it and remember that for most Ford models, there is no need to tow the car to the dealer if you lost your keys. You can try and call AAA, or an automotive locksmith so a new car key will be made on site.

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