Valet Button/Switch, What is it? Where is it?

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In this article we have some pictures of valet buttons and switches.  The valet can be placed by the installer anywhere in the vehicle or no where.  However, 

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usually it is placed near the dashboard and usually on the driver’s side.  
Some of the pictures show just the valet button or switch by itself.  Other pictures show it in it’s mounted position in the vehicle.  Installer’s best practices dictate that the valet switch should be mounted but many don’t follow best practices. 


Click here to see an article about how to use the valet button when an installer didn’t mount or even install one.
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Lot’s of older systems use a toggle switch as shown in a few different 

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Note that some systems have a button and a switch and this usually indicates

DSC 0006

 it is a remote start system where the toggle switch i used simply to turn remote start functionality on and off.  In those cases the button is the valet button (also known as override button or programming button.)
Also, it’s good to know that on the toggle switch style valet switches, the position which has a small notch in the metal is the OFF position.  
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