Type 1 Audiovox Prestige Pursuit Remotes

These are the type 1 remote part numbers: APS92BT2, APS92BT1, PROBT48, 0001201212, APSBT1, PROBT49, PRO92BT2, APSBT2, PSI92BTA, PROBT46.  Any of these remotes can substitute for one another, however they don’t all have the same number of buttons so make sure to choose one with the same or greater number of buttons than your original if you use all buttons on your old remote.  That way you won’t lose any functions.
Type 1 remotes can have either 1 or 2 buttons.  The frequency ranges between 302 MHz and 303 MHz.  The part numbers mentioned above have FCC IDs of either: ELV55AAL757T or ELVAL777A.
Most of the remotes above are discontinued and are difficult to find these days. If your remote is one of the discontinued ones then that is not going to be a problem. Remotes And Keys made a solution to this problem and that is to save a copy of the original remote’s signal frequency, functions, etc. and program it to the clone which is affordable and a good quality remote!

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