Part Numbers on Aftermarket and Factory Alarm System Remotes

Replacement Remote

There are multiple ways to look for the right replacement for your old automobile remote. You can either provide us the year make and model of the vehicle, FCC ID on the back of the remote or it’s part number. Today we will be talking about Part numbers. Part numbers can come in different forms depends on the manufacturer. For example, GM uses 8 digits with no hyphen or spaces, Ford uses both letters and digits in their part numbers. Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Toyota use 10 alphanumeric characters with five on each side of a separating hyphen.  Most aftermarket like DEI remote part numbers has 4 digits followed by a letter and 3 digits for Omega.

If you own the OEM remote but can’t find it’s part number, you can always contact your dealership and give them your VIN so they can to look it up for you. However, manufacturers change the Original Equipment’s part numbers frequently that’s why some replacement remotes has different part number than the old one but both works the same. Sometimes, one of these replacement remote with a different part number may work with your alarm system and is less expensive. So, always ask for an assistance from a knowledgeable Seller to prevent purchasing the wrong replacement remote.

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