I’m trying to order a remote but the factory remote you show does not look like the remote I used to have.

When you look up the factory remote for the vehicle you have and the remote is different from the remote you used to have then ordering the factory remote will not be the proper course of action.  You need to find the receiver (brain) of the system in your vehicle.  Aftermarket systems are installed under the dash (usually on the driver’s side.)  You need to stick your head by the pedals and look up.  Find the receiver.  It is a plastic box approximately 3x5x1 inches.  Write down the Brand and Model Name of the system and contact us by phone or email so we can figure out the appropriate remote.
If you have trouble finding the receiver then you can use the valet switch or LED indicator light and trace the wires directly back to the receiver.

Example of what a system looks like (receiver, valet switch/button:)

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