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Welcome to Remotes And Keys Dot Com. We have a great selection of remotes (also known as key fobs or remote keyless entry transmitters,) also batteries for remotes, programming instructions, chipkeys (or transponder keys), replacement cases, and silicone rubber covers, skins and totes. Our prices are very competitive and our customer service is excellent. We have tech support available to all customers. All remotes include batteries and are tested before shipping.

Let’s say you are looking for a remote for your car. Let’s say a 2004 Lincoln Navigator. Start by Clicking on REMOTES AND KEYS. Then Lincoln, then Navigator, Then 2004.
Now you see what were are currently offering that fits this vehicle.
A remote for models that don’t have power liftgate.
A remote for models that do.
A replacement Button pad for the first remote.
A transponder key.
A skin to protect your remote or to re-attach a broken remote to your keychain.
And a replacement case and button pad to fix a broken remote.
Perhaps you currently have a remote and it doesn’t look like the ones shown. Look at the back of your remote for an FCC iD or part number. Here is a common one. ELVAT5H. Simply type it into the search and click go.
Now you see what we currently offer for this FCC id.
The first is a clone replacement for this common remote.
The second is a silicone rubber cover to protect your old remote.
if you click on the picture or title you’ll see below the technical specs the related products like:
A remote skin to protect or reattach to keychain
The tote is a leather version of the same thing.
The battery for the original remote.
And that same silicone rubber cover from the previous search results.
We have free shipping on orders of $50 or more. if the main item you are looking to purchase is not quite $50 you can add some of our accessories to your order to attain free shipping.
Click Accessories and Choose Either:
a Battery for your old remote – carefully open your remote and read the battery number off of the battery. Then choose the same battery number.
or choose a keychain
Let’s say your order is $49.99 and you are one cent away from getting free shipping, it can be annoying, i know, Choose a split key ring.
The leather totes are really nice. They are an easy and economical solution for reattaching a broken remote to your keychain. You can use the size chart to choose the right one.
The skins are just like the totes except they are neoprene backs instead of leather.
The Silicone Rubber Covers are really good at protecting the remote to prevent it from breaking to no longer staying on your keychain. if it already broke off the keychain then the skin or tote is the way to go. Choose the brand and choose the cover that looks like yours. Here is the one for that 2004 Lincoln Navigator we mentioned earlier.
if you have any questions, you can call us at 386-586-3650, or go over here to chat with us, or send an email to

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