How To Use Remote Start on GMC Acadia

To start your vehicle using the factory remote start, if equipped, aim the keyless entry remote transmitter at the vehicle.  Then press the Lock button and then hold down the remote start button for at least 2 seconds.  The turn signal lights will flash and the vehicle will start up.  While the vehicle is running the doors will be locked and the parking lights will be on.  The vehicle will run for 10 minutes then turn off on it’s own.  You can extend the remote start for another 10 minutes by repeated the step above (press lock then hold remote start for 2 seconds.)  To cancel a remote start, press the remote start button for 2 seconds without preceeding it with the lock button.  To drive the vehicle while it is running, insert the key in ignition and turn to run position.  Then you can move it out of park and drive away.

This may be helpful:

  • Remote start is standard equipment on SLE-2, SLT, and Denali trims.
  • Laws in some communities may restrict the use of remote starters.  Check your local regualtions.
  • Don’t use remote start if the vehicle is low on fuel.
  • The run time extention mentioned earlier can only work if it is the first remote start since the vehicle has been driven.

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