How much does Chevy charge for a new key?

Don’t panic if you lost your Chevrolet key or remote. You can always order a new one from any Chevy dealer or locksmith the average cost for a new Chevrolet remote is between $60 and $120. Contact the nearest locksmith in your area and get a quote for a new key and remote. Make sure you know the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle and have a proof of ownership.

In some cases, the dealer and locksmith may need the VIN. For some models, there are more than one key types available for that model. Locksmiths and dealers will need the last 8 digits to give you an accurate quote.

You may also order a new remote and key online but if the vehicle is not onboard programmable then taking it a locksmith or dealer is a must to get it programmed. Certain Chevy keys can be programmed by the car owner and these types vehicle were installed with an on board programming feature.

In the mid-2000s Chevy came out with the flip key but not all models were equipped with the flip key and, for many years Chevrolet came with a separate key and remote. The cheapest alternative when getting a new remote or key for your vehicle is to buy it online and program it yourself. Visit to get a remote or key for your vehicle at a low price.

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