How do I get a new Ford key fob?

Keyless entry systems and remotes are one of those things that you may think as an unnecessary if you don’t have one yet, but for vehicle owners who do have these often can’t imagine having anything else.

Automotive remotes, sometimes called as clicker, transmitter, keyfobs are an actual mechanical part that is used to lock and unlock the vehicle. This is not the physical key that you insert in a key cylinder to open the doors or start the engine but it’s something that unlocks and locks the vehicle with a single press of a button.

Key fobs are incredibly popular now and most vehicles come standard with remotes and keyless entry systems, especially Ford vehicles. Keyless entry remotes are something you’d want to have however, they are only a device, which means they can malfunction.

For example, if your key fob dies you will likely need a new battery in the device. The fob can also malfunction to sound the vehicle’s alarm or panic system. This can be incredibly annoying for everyone near the vehicle. Luckily, not days, it is a lot easier and more affordable than to get a replacement back in the days when it was not that popular. You can get a new replacement Ford keys and remotes online, like and at about any dealership.

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