How do I become a certified locksmith?

So, how do you become a Locksmith?

In order to become a Locksmith of course you must meet the eligibility requirements first:
?Clean criminal history
?At least 18 years old
?You must take and pass a certification exam
?If you want to be self employed then obtaining a business license is a must
?Completed the required training or apprenticeship but not all state has the same requirement

In some states, 2 year apprenticeship under a licensed locksmith must be completed. In many U.S. states a person can simply register the name of their business and pay a small fee at City Hall and become a licensed locksmith that very day. There are also states that have a specific locksmith exam that must be taken and passed to get a license.

Below is the list of states that requires locksmith licensing:

?New Jersey
?North Carolina
?Hillsborough County, FL
?Nassau County Long Island
?New York City
?Washington D.C.

Major cities do offer offline trainings. If there are no training facilities in your area, you may go for the online training programs. In fact, training online may be the easiest and most convenient option since it can be done from your own living room and at times you are most available.

We know you want to get started with your career right away however, it is very important that you start your career as a locksmith on the right foot, with the proper certifications and qualifications necessary. Also keep in mind, that if you are considering working for an employer, even if these certifications are not required they can significantly increase your salary.

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