How can I break into my car?

Car lockouts are a messy and expensive problem, it’s not difficult to break into vehicles with automatic locks, manual locks, or even check to see if you can get in through the trunk but if you haven’t tried it before and doesn’t want to break anything, especially the locks the locks of your vehicle then contacting a locksmith would be your last option.

Below are some of the methods used to open a car door:

Breaking into a car that has automatic locks. In this method, you will need a wedge a space in the door and use a long poker to hit the lock button. It may be crude, but it’s more or less exactly what a locksmith will do if you call one. So, the tools you will need is a wedge and a long poker enough to fit through the window crack and long enough to reach the lock button.

Step 1.

Jam the wedge into the space between the upper part of the door and the car then firmly tap the wedge into the door/car space.

Step 2.

The jammed wedge will create a gap between the door and the car body. Insert your rod so you can poke the unlock button.

Breaking into a car with manual locks will require you pull up on the locking pin once you get in. Follow the same instructions, wedging and poking through the space you made, but then you’ll have to carefully pull up to unlock the car.

-In this method you will need a tool called slim jim, this tool is commonly used by locksmiths to open the car doors with manual locks. It is done by wedging into the door mechanism between the window and the weather strip, hooking the locking pin, and pulling it from the inside.

Step 1

Pick the passenger side door. There is usually less wiring on the passenger side than on the driver’s side door, making it easier to break in.

Step 2

Look for the black rubber weather stripping along the lower edge of your car window. Peel back it’s rubber strip from the window to expose the gap between the window and the outer part of the car door. Insert the slim jim in and start looking for the pin. Once you found the pin pull it up to open the door.

If you think you’re not in to doing all these stuff. Just contact a locksmith immediately. You may visit to look for a locksmith near you by using the zip code.

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