Guide for Choosing the Right Replacement Car Remote

All You Need to Know about looking for the Right Replacement Remote/Key Fob for Your Vehicle

Replacement Smart Key Remote Programming Instructions
Replacement Keyless Access Key

Before automobile manufacturers have thought about giving the drivers a way to access their cars remotely. Key fobs were made as a decorative piece attached to the end of the key ring. They could represent a favorite sports team, cartoon character, etc. There were also key fobs that are far more useful which has items like bottle openers, small flashlights, and more.

Fobs are designed to lock/unlock cars, start the engine (Remote Keyless Ignition “RKI”), and open the trunk . These fobs can be purchased at car dealerships and automotive parts stores. is also one of the excellent resource for replacement remotes/fobs, which has remotes for all kinds of vehicles and finding a Great Deal.

Wondering how these Remotes/Fobs and Car’s systems communicating to each other securely?

ford keyless remote fob with programming manual
Ford Keyless Fob

Remotes/Key fobs sends a hopping code to the system/receiver to make it so difficult hackers or thieves can’t clone it using radio scanners. 40 bit codes can come up with over one trillion unique combinations. Systems are usually programmed to reach 256 incorrect codes first before it starts to block the remote/fob. So, if the button of the remote was pressed more than a mile away by accident from the vehicle nothing will happen. If the transmit codes is pushed more than 256 times, the system/receiver will start to block the remote/fob and you will need to be reprogram it.

Remotes / Key fobs from popular Car Manufacturers

2 Way LCD Transmitter with programming manual
2 Way LCD Transmitter

Most manufacturer’s designs fobs are with functions to control locks and car’s trunk. There are a number of new and well designed remotes made by designers which set them from the old ones apart. Some fobs are with LCD screens (2 way) with settings that can set the seats and mirror for a certain driver if multiple person are using the vehicle. Below talks about the differences between manufacturer’s remote and system functions.


Toyota made a system that comes with 7 tiny antennas installed throughout the vehicle for better security. One of it’s feature is if let’s say you dropped the keys in the trunk and closed it, then the system will detect the keys and automatically pops the trunk right back open so you can take it out. You can also start the car’s engine using another antenna installed inside the vehicle.

General Motors

Fobs made by GM can be used by the drivers to assess the state of their vehicles. A small screen is installed in cars made by GM so the owner/driver can monitor the tire pressure, odometer reading, and fuel levels. And another feature is you can even reprogram the radio setting using the Remote/Fob.


Systems made by Volvo has a feature that can detect a person heartbeat inside the car. This can help the driver to know if somebody has broken in to the vehicle and reminds parents there’s a child in the back seat.


Mercedes Benz Remote Programming Manual
Mercedes Benz Smart Key Remote

Most remotes/fobs was designed to have buttons or screens only but Mercedes-Benz has taken things one step further. Touching the door handle of the car will unlock it as long as the fob is on hand. The fob somewhat sends a wireless signal to the car’s door to let the system know the owner/driver is there.

How to Replace your Old / Malfunctioning / Dead / Broken / Lost Remote or Key Fob:

It’s quite difficult to use a car without a remote/fob that’s why most owners/driver’s replaces their fobs right away if they lost, broken, or it’s not working properly anymore. The instructions below are the ways on how to replace your old remote.

Purchasing Online

Many vehicles are onboard programmable, meaning you can program the vehicle yourself without any tools or special knowledge.  All aftermarket systems program additional remotes this way.  For factory systems, it is best to research on to know if your vehicle is onboard programmable before making your purchase.  Even if it is not, you still can save a significant amount of money by buying online for a discounted price and then having a local automotive locksmith or dealer program the vehicle to accept the remote.

Going to a Dealer

Most car owners goes to the dealership from where they bought the vehicle. Price could be a little bit higher but car owners can make sure that the remote/fob will be the right one for the car’s system. Don’t worry if you bought a used car, searching online could lead you to the right place and purchase one to replace your old remote/fob.  Keep in mind that local automotive locksmiths are usually far less expensive than the dealership.

Programming Instructions

Programming Manual for Factory Keyless Remote
Programming Manual for Factory Keyless Remote

New fobs should be programmed to the system. Not all remotes/fobs has the same instructions of programming it to the system, but most of the time you’d need to insert the key in the ignition and turn it. Check below for more detailed information about programming instructions.

Connecting the Installed System to the Remote/Fob

After inserting the key to the ignition the owner/driver will have to perform a number of actions like twisting the key multiple times in general. Usually there are also some things that needs to be done like closing all the doors, turning windshield wipes on, and turning the lights on and off.

Programming a new Remote/Fob to the System

Like what mentioned on top not all remotes has the same programming instructions especially when you’re adding a new remote code to the system’s memory. Below you’ll see 3 reprogramming process of 3 different manufacturers and try to notice their similarities and differences.

Reprogramming an existing GM Remote/Fob

The procedure could be almost the same with Ford’s but the owner/driver should start by closing all doors and the key is inserted in the ignition. On the fob, press the lock button twice then the door locks will cycle which means you’re now in programming mode. Press and hold the lock and unlock button on the remote for 15 seconds then the doors will cycle (lock and unlock), now your remote has been successfully programmed. Turn the key back to run position to turn the programming mode off. Then remove the key.

Reprogramming and existing Toyota Remote/Fob

toyota dealer installed remote control
Toyota Key Fob Transmitter

Programming the remote for Toyota is a bit different than the other two on top. Driver’s door should be open and other are closed then insert the key in the ignition. After putting the key in the ignition, close the driver’s door and open it back (do this step twice). The key should be put in and taken out twice and turn it on and off without starting the engine and remove it again. The door locks which indicates you’re in programming mode then press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on the remote for 2 seconds. If the door locks cycled, it means your the remote has been successfully programmed.

Reprogramming an existing Ford Remote/Fob

When reprogramming a remote for Ford, you should get in the car and close the driver’s door. Put the key in the ignition and twist it from on to off 8 times. Your system will enter programming mode and will be indicated by cycling the door locks (lock and unlock). You’ll get another door lock cycle when you successfully programmed the remote to the system. Then you test it.

How to Find the Right Replacement Remote/Fob on

Do you have a broken, malfunctioning, lost, dead car key or remote? Then, we can help you solve that problem! Head over to our website and find a replacement. Now, there are multiple ways on how to search for the right remote using the search tabs on our website. You can put the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle (Which applies to Factory installed systems) and or the FCC ID/Part Number (Written on the back) of your remote. You can also put the Brand of your Aftermarket system to look for the compatible remotes, but searching using the Remote’s FCC ID/Part number is still the most convenient and easy thing to do. If you still are having a hard time looking for the remote yourself, you can chat with our friendly and helpful Customer Support, call our number and or send us an email.

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