FCC IDs on Factory Installed and Aftermarket System’s Remotes

FCC ID on the back of the Remote

FCC ID on the back of the remote

If you have noticed, FCC ID is often used to identify if a remote is compatible with the vehicle’s system. FCC is the Federal Communications Commission which is responsible of regulating the frequency bandwidth for telecommunications transmissions. Most remotes work through radio frequency transmission, so they fall under control of this branch of executive government. FCC ID helps RemotesAndKeys to  know what remote you have and which replacement fits for your system.

In some cases, an FCC ID doesn’t help with definitive identification because manufacturers may have used the underlying transmission technology in more than one remote.  For example, we know at least one FCC ID that was used on more than a dozen different aftermarket alarm remotes, so many of which cannot be used to replace the other but still has a good chance they might.

We use this information as a search method but not always, the FCC ID on your original remote identifies the right replacement remote.  So, we can use the FCC ID to know what remote you have and which remote you need.

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