Autopage XT-33 H50T21 Remote Product Questions

Questions: Autopage XT-33 remote start has lost its programming when new keys were programmed for the passive anti-theft system on the truck. Remote Start cranks but doesn’t turn over.

Answers: Most likely, the transponder key in the bypass module has been erased.  Put one of the newly programmed keys inside it and remote start should work.

Questions: Once my XT 33 auto start is activated how long does it stay on? Is there an auto shut off

Answers: The system owner’s manual tells you how to adjust the run timer.

Questions: Will the  Autopage XT-33 be compatible with a XT-72LCD?

Answers: If your old remote is a XT-72LCD and the system in your car is RS-725LCD or RS-727LCD then the XT-33 will work.  The XT-72LCD can also work on RS-720 and RS-520 which the XT-33 doesn’t work with.

Autopage XT-33 H50T21 Questions Answers

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