ELGTRAN2 Autocommand DesignTech 20061-25561 Product Questions

Questions: my battery went dead for 3 or4 days before I rode again, I replaced the battery with a new one, the bike will not crank.  horn, lights, head lights,brake lights , instrument panel all works. It acts as if my FOB IS NOT IN MY POCKET

Answers: TDB003 will help to determine if the problem is with the remote or the system.  If it’s still unclear, the bike should be diagnosed with DTII diagnostic tool to determine the problem.

Questions: I have DesignTech rectangular remote used for garage door opener with code ELGTRAN2. Not made anymore. Looks exactly same as rectangular unit you show for remote starting. Can I buy that unit by itself?  just 3 buttons and lite.

Answers: Most likely this remote is a compatible replacement since the FCC ID ELGTRAN2 is the same.  However, the instructions that come with this remote are most likely not the instructions for your garage door system.  If you have the manual for your garage door system you should be able to use this.

Autocommand DesignTech 20061-25561 ELGTRAN2 Questions Answers

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