Do bump keys work on cars?

Vehicle locks do not use pin tumbler system however, there are certain bump keys that was made to work on vehicles. Bump keys are used with standard pin tumbler locks. These tumbler locks open when the pins inside them are aligned, raise and lowered in a certain way, as to push on the springs that connect them to the rest of the lock. The lock or their bump key will break If anyone tries to use it to your car.

In any case, bump keys will not work on wafer locks since they don’t use the tumbler pin system. If your key has biting on either side of the key blade, then your car has a wafer lock. If the key is rectangular with a snaking patter on the blade, then your vehicle has sliders.

However, this hasn’t stopped thieves and started using jiggle keys. Jiggle keys or tryout keys are specialized while a bump key will work on most locks, a jiggle key will work only on certain brand car locks. Unfortunately, jiggle keys are just as efficient as bump keys and can open a vehicle even if your car was installed with an added layer of security.

There¬ís no such security system that can completely keep a thief from stealing a vehicle. So in that case, you shouldn’t park in a deserted area or bad neighborhoods and neither should you leave items inside. Be sure to make you car interior look as inconspicuous as possible. You may not be able to stop a thief from stealing your car but you can certainly try by making life harder for the thief by parking somewhere public, crowded and in the open.

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