Can you get a key made for a car with the VIN number?

Can you or someone really make a key using a VIN? The answer to that question is, Yes.

A special keycode is saved with the VIN that designated each cut in the key when the locks are made for the vehicle by the manufacturer. Locksmiths and Dealers use the VIN to make a key. However, locksmith’s service are always cheaper than dealers.

These two professionals use the codes by putting them in their computer and the cutting will do the rest, it cuts the key to match the lock. If your vehicle has an anti theft feature that requires a chip key inorder to start it’s engine, the locksmiths will attach another tool which are often called scan tool to program the chip key. This can also be done at the dealership but may take several days for them to do so and you have to tow your car to them.

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