Can Lowes cut car keys?

Usually department stores do not have the technology available to duplicate any transponder keys. There are a lot of vehicles that have keys with a transponder chip in it that are usually mounted on edge cut blanks, these can be cut by almost any hardware store that has a cloning process machine.

However, this would also depend on the year, make and model of the vehicle and the chip needs programming so a cutting machine can’t do it. This is best done at the dealership or by a locksmith. The easiest way to check on your key’s ability to be cloned is the year, make, model.

Ignition keys have to be programmed by a professional locksmith or the dealer. Lowes or Home Depot can cut a key for your vehicle, but often good for house door keys only. If you attempt to start the vehicle with a key that have a unprogrammed transponder chip or doesn’t have a chip at all, you will end up locking up the security system and that prevents the vehicle from starting until it gets reset by a dealer.

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