Can I get a spare car key or remote made?

Replacing an old, broken or lost remote and key is a messy and a very frustrating experience. Sometimes the key breaks, while other times it may bend or wear down until it no longer functions correctly. Losing a remote or key is a frustrating experience with a constant worry.

Keys and are important to all car owners, and every car owners needs at least one working key. If you have a spare key, replacement isn’t immediately necessary unless you lost or broke the original. Most places that replace car keys don’t need to the original to perform the task. You can find a replacement from a Dealer, Locksmith or even online. There’s a website called where you can find a replacement for your old remote or key in a discounted price.

Some modern keys may be laser etched or have transponder chips which the vehicle scans to ensure they are the correct keys and will not start the engine if an incorrect key was used. While this is great for security, damaging these codes can render an otherwise fine key useless. Always check the battery in the remote first to see if that’s the problem or make sure to replace your remote’s battery every once in a year.

Here are the things that you need to take note and do when getting a replacement for your old, lost or damage fob and key:

?Get your vehicle identification number (VIN) from the dashboard or engine bay of the vehicle.

?If you can’t find the VIN, make sure you know the year, make and
model of your vehicle.

?Look for a Locksmith that can do both cutting and programming a key. You can look for a locksmith near your area here using your zip code: auto locksmiths can solve the whole problem in many cases. Going to a locksmith can end up saving you a lot of money compared to a dealership.

?If none of the above options worked, then you likely have a key with complex features for security purposes. You can have it replaced at the dealership. The replacement may only be available through the manufacturer, and ordering the key may take a week or two. If this is the case, go to the dealership where the car was bought and see if either the warranty will cover the cost, or if the dealership will provide a discount to satisfy their customer.

There are a lot of vehicles that use keyless entry devices these days and they usually barely resemble an actual key. They cost little to purchase online, but going through a dealership is a more secure. You can even program certain keys yourself, at home but doesn’t apply to all vehicles others must be programmed by a professional. In some cases, the key is programmed at the factory and then sent to the customer, but this is only the case with a few high end manufacturers. One example is a Chrysler Crossfire Flipkey Remote:

Replacing a car key or remote can be expensive depending on how it was made, so always be prepared. Researching prices ahead of time can save frustration down the road.

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