Can Home Depot make car keys?

Home depot cut regular car keys that doesn’t have a chip since chip keys requires programming. New model vehicle’s ignitions are installed with an immobilizer that requires transponder key that was programmed to the system in order to start the engine.

Home Depot have a limited selection of transponder chip keys that can be cloned at some locations. Transponder keys range from $39 – $80. Also, there are too many car keys now that have buttons on them for keyless entry access which home depot does not sell.

If you’re looking for a keyless entry remote and keys but doesn’t know where you can get one, just visit and you may find a replacement for your lost keys or remotes in a discounted price.

There are remotes that have been discontinued by the vehicle manufacturers which makes it really difficult to find even online unless, you’re dealing with a company that clones them. Remotesandkeys makes clones of these discontinued remotes which also helps you save some money.

Getting a clone replacement remote would help you save time and money. This would keep you from buying newer keyless entry systems and getting it installed by a professional technician which is expensive.

Clone remotes may not look exactly the same as the original but these are guaranteed to work, tougher and inexpensive. However, not all remotes can be cloned. 90% of remotes made before 1995 are cloneable and 75% before 2001.

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