Can Ford replace lost keys?

Can Ford replace lost keys? The answer is yes, but how? Below are the things you need to do when replacing lost key(s) or fob(s):

?If you decided to find a replacement for your lost key and remote online or contact an automotive locksmith, always remember to provide the exact year, make and model. This is important so they will know what kind of key blank or remote you need since not all types keys and remotes work on different year and model.

?Always ask if the key or remote needs to be programmed. You see, not all vehicles are capable of programming a new key or remote. Most online sellers and locksmiths call these vehicles that can program new remotes and keys as “on board programmable” which means, when you purchased a new remote you will be able to program it yourself and should come with programming instructions but not all sellers online provides the manual for free. Good news is, you can visit to look for the instructions yourself using the year make and model of your vehicle or the fcc id on the back of the remote.

?In situations that you need a new ignition, make sure you tried getting a new key first or keep the original key so you can access the doors and trunk of your vehicle. Changing the ignition for Ford vehicles are quite expensive and it often result in a different key for the doors and ignition.

?Before calling the dealer to get a replacement key/remote, ask if you can pick up the new key, or have to tow the car there so you can decide which option would be better for you. If you think it’s quite of a hustle, then contact a mobile locksmith since they will be the one to come to your location and make you a new key.

?Always mention how often the key can’t turn in the ignition. This will help them to determine which really causes the problem. Whether it’s the key or the ignition itself.

?You also need to mention if the ignition was change before, it may prevent locksmiths or the dealers to cut you a new key by code since there’s no point of doing it if the ignition requires a different kind of key in the first place.

And lastly, make sure you have the VIN and any other relevant documents to show ownership of the vehicle like the title, registration, ID etc.

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