Can Ford make a key from the VIN?

Car keys are made by VIN to increase security that keeps theft from accessing your vehicle. Each key is unique to a specific vehicle, and if a second key is needed, it must be duplicated by a certified locksmith. Unfortunately, there may be a time when a key gets lost or broken. Keys can always be made from scratch by your local locksmith or at the dealership.

Here’s what you need to do when planning on getting a new key:

?Take note of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Your VIN can be found in the lower corner of the windshield on the driver’s side and will appear like a small rectangular metal tag embedded next to the dash closest to the firewall of the vehicle.

?Take the VIN number, a copy of your registration, and your driver’s license to your nearest Ford dealer or Locksmith. They will require these information to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. The service center will then be able to grind you a whole new key based on the VIN of your Ford vehicle.

Please Note:

If you lost your key(s) in a public place and you feel that someone might find your key and be capable of accessing your vehicle then consider having the locks changed on your vehicle.

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