Can a locksmith make a key from a photo?

Car owners who have locked their keys in a car and can’t find a locksmith locally can send a photocopy of their spare key and fax it. A professional locksmith can judge the depths of the cuts based on their depths on the horizontal milling ridges on the sides of the key.

Modern key cutting machines like SEC-E9 can also precisely cut the most popular new keys to perfection once the VIN is entered into the machine’s operating system. With the majority of modern people having cells phones with fantastic camera resolution, you should not hang your key ring from your belt loop, or leave them on your desk at work. The keys could be easily photographed, returned to their location, and then new keys could be made at a later time.

If you are looking for a locksmith but don’t know where to go or what website you can trust to provide a list of legitimate locksmith businesses near your area, just visit and search for a locksmith using your zip code.

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