Can a Car Key be Copied?

Yes, an auto locksmith will be able to make a copy for most types of car key either a standard remote fob or a transponder key. However, remote keys or transponder keys will need some programming due to the additional security feature that was added to a modern vehicle.

Auto locksmiths can clone your existing keyfob or program a new one even if you don’t have the original. Also, most auto locksmiths can duplicate transponder keys or sometimes called as chip keys. In fact, a lot of main dealers now use the services of auto locksmiths to provide these services themselves so why not just go to a locksmith directly instead?

If you’re in a situation like you accidentally locked your keys in the car, trunk or you lost your keys/remote contacting a mobile locksmith would be the most effective thing to do especially if you’re far from home. Just make sure to prepare all of the information like proof of ownership, year make and model of the vehicle or your VIN since locksmiths would need these before they start to open up your vehicle and make a new key.

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