Buying a 4 button replacement remote for your original 3 button keyfob.

3 button Nissan remote with FCC ID KBRASTU15

Most of the time, if you are buying a replacement remote for vehicle with factory installed system, you should buy the same thing you already have. Best way to get the right one is to call your dealership, give them your VIN, and ask them for the current Original Equipment part number for the remote that came with your vehicle.  Then use that number to look for a replacement. When buying a replacement remote DO NOT rely on how similar the original and replacement remote is. Just because these remotes may look the same does not mean they are compatible. Toyota, GM, Chrysler, and Nissan remotes are visually identical but not interchangeable.

Some consumers actually think that they can gain a remote function by replacing their 3 button remote with the 4 button one, wrong. If your vehicle came with a 3 button remote, you will not be able to turn it into a remote start vehicle simply by getting a related 4 button remote with a remote start button. Most consumer think that matching the FCC ID of the original and replacement remote is the only thing they need to do. It is indeed correct in many cases but not all the time.

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