Automotive remotes that looks physically different but are interchangeable


There are numerous cases in which automotive remote that doesn’t look the same as the original can be used with the same system. They may have different case shapes, button configurations, brand names and even FCC IDs but still works. One example is the square Ford remote fcc id CWTWB1U343, which is electronically equivalent to the peanut-shaped Lincoln remote fcc id LHJ002, even though they have different fcc id, shape, manufacturers, and so on.


Another example is an oval Nissan remote that is compatible with a rectangular remote. One has fcc id KBRASTU10 and the other could have fcc id KBRASTU15 or could be made by a different manufacturer and have fcc id CWTWB1U733. When it comes to aftermarket alarm system remotes, this situation is even more common. In fact, there are Audiovox remotes that work for Code Alarm systems and both remotes are interchangeable.

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