Audiovox and Code Alarm Remotes

In many cases, remotes that are used on Code Alarm and Audiovox alarm systems are interchangeable. An example of that are systems that use a remote with FCC ID ELVATFF. Code Alarm CATXSRT1 is electronically equivalent to Audiovox Prestige XR91P and Audiovox Pursuit XR91PR. These are all 5-button remotes with circuit board ATFC and FCC ID ELVATFF. Brands, color, and button icons are different but are the same internally.

RemotesAndKeys offers all three of them and you can see and purchase these remotes at the following link:
Code Alarm Keyless Entry Alarm Remote ELVATFF CATXSRT1
Prestige XR91P Pursuit XR91PR Keyless Alarm Remote Start Transmitter ELVATFF

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