About FCC IDs ABO0502T, GLQ9Z6-1507 & Part numbers 22100943, 22100944, 22100945, 22110689, 22100951

Factory Keyless Remote

Works on:
1989-1991 Buick Reatta
1989-1993 Buick Riviera
1989-1990 Cadillac Eldorado
1989-1992 Oldsmobile Toronado

When these vehicles were equipped with the factory keyless entry system, they used a remote that looked like this.  The Buick logo (22100943) is shown but there was also a Cadillac (22110689, 22100951) and Oldsmobile logo (22100944, 22100945) remote.  

The three logos are only aesthetic.  The logos don’t differentiate anything about their functionality.  You can use any one of them to replace another.  They all would program in to your vehicle the same.  Or put differently, if any will program to your vehicle, they all would.

The remote was discontinued by GM many years ago.  New ones are no longer available.  Sometimes used ones pop up for sale but the only reliable replacement is the clone remote.

Battery for this remote | Cover to protect remote

Relevant Part numbers: ABO0502T, GLQ9Z6-1507, 22100943, 22100944, 22100945, 22110689, 22100951

Update:  Known issue where the receivers in these vehicles no longer enter programming mode.  Not much can be done because if you get an original receiver it is likely to have the same problem.  Note: If you still have a remote that works with the car, have it cloned before it gets lost or stops working.  This will avoid the need to program.

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