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What do i do if i lose my whole set of keys and cannot get into my car?


lost my keysI've been asked this question at least a hundred times already.  You are asking because you want us to make you new keys that are already cut and programmed to you car and overnight them to you.

I'm sorry to inform you, that isn't how it works.  We may be able to cut the keys to your VIN but it doesn't make sense to do it because if you have a transponder key, which most cars do, you will need an automotive locksmith to program the vehicle to accept the key anyway (so the car will run when you turn the key.)

We can sell you the key for a great price which you can have the locksmith use.  However, you are probably in a rush to get into and start using your car.  Waiting for the key to arrive, even overnight, is probably too long.

Call a mobile automotive locksmith.  He will come out to your vehicle and make you new keys.  It will be cheaper than towing your car to the dealer and they will generally be there in a few minutes or a couple of hours.

To find a mobile automotive locksmith, use the following resources:


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