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[Remote of the Day] Code Alarm CATX4 (FCC ID: H5OT49)


CATX4 RemoteThe FCC ID is H5OT49.  The picture shows one of two styles.  The other style has a trunk icon where this has a remote start icon.

It works on these Code Alarm systems: CA1050, CA1051, CA1150, CA115, CA1551, CA2051, CA5051, CA5051MT, CA5150, CA6150, CA6151, CA6550, CA6551.

In order to complete the programming of new remotes, it helps to have a valet switch installed with the system.  If not it is still possible but you'll need to access the receiver under the dash.  Here is an article addressing programming without a valet switch.

To order this remote click here.

If you already ordered a remote elsewhere and it didn't come with instructions you can get them here.


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