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Tutorial for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Keyless Entry Pad


There are 5 buttons and each button represents 2 numbers.  Pressing 7/8 and 9/0 will lock all doors.

Pressing the 5 digit entry code will unlock the drivers door.  Pressing 3/4 afterwards will unlock all doors.  Pressing 5/6 after the code will open the trunk. 

The master code is permanent.  It is located in the owner's manual case on a card.  It is also located on a sticker in the vehicle (usually on the hinge of the trunk or liftgate.  You can add additional codes for driver 1 and 2 using the instructions in the owner's manual or this video.

Finding the master keyless entry keypad code on 2006 F150


In most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles the master code is on the trunk lid hinge on a sticker.  In this vehicle it is more complicated.  Use this video to find the code.  You can then use this code with the instructions in your owner's manual to program driver 1 and driver codes for the keyless entry keypad on the driver's door.

Watch this video:


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