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My remote won’t stay on my keychain anymore. What are my options?

Posted on Fri, Sep 02, 2011 @ 08:00 AM

First, if your remote has not broken its key ring loop yet then I suggest you buy a rubber remote cover to provide protection so it does not break.  Remotes can be costly and if your vehicle is not onboard programmable then there will be an additional cost for programming.  Luckily, most vehicles are onboard programmable but that is no reason to have to pay to replace your remote for no reason.

broken remote loop 1Often the plastic for the key ring loop cracks or breaks with no warning and your remote is gone before you know it.  You still have your keys and keychain but the remote is gone.  If you are lucky, it breaks off in your pocket and the remote is not lost.

rubber remote coverYour first option is to buy a new remote.  If you do so I strongly suggest getting the rubber remote cover to protect it (if one is available for your remote.)  The remote slips into the cover and the keyring goes through both.  This provides that extra layer of strength that will prevent it from breaking.  If your key ring loop is already broken off then this is not the solution - keep reading.

keyless remote replacement caseYour second option is to buy a replacement case (if one is available for your remote.)  When you look up the remote on our website the case should pull up as well if one is available.  To use the replacement case simply open your old remote and move the contents from the old one to the new case.

Your third option is to buy a remote tote.  A remote tote is a genuine leather protective cover, which is a very strong solution to re-attach the broken remote to your keychain.  Watch this video to see how it works.

Your fourth option is to buy a remote skin.  The remote skin is similar to the remote tote in function.  It is made of neoprene instead of leather and it is form fitted for most Ford and GM remotes, plus a universal cover for many other remotes.

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